EOP Introduction

The Emergency Operations Plan is a collection of forms and contacts that helps organizations plan for emergencies, with an emphasis on understanding roles and who is responsible for what. Frequent review of the EOP ensures updated and accurate information on procedures, practices, and roles, as well as keeping compliance with State, Regional, and Local regulations. This information must be updated every school year.

There are four sections of the EOP:

  • Main Section

  • Extracurricular Section (Not applicable at this time)

  • Drills Section

  • Training Section

Each section of the EOP holds valuable information for planning and response to an emergency event.

EOP Notices

Under the topic headings, there are subsections that need to be completed in the EOP. Next to the subsection topic names are the dates at which each of the sections have last been edited. A Notice button is also beside each of the sections. When clicked on, a pop-up window will appear that indicates any remaining changes that need to be made in the section. There are three colors that the Notice button can appear in:

Printing the EOP

A Print All button appears at the top of the page beside Campus Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). To print the entire EOP, click the blue Print All button

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