Requesting Approvals

Each section of the EOP will need to be approved by Approval Contacts that have also been assigned an Approval Level before the section is considered complete. Beside each Section of the EOP, there is a button Approval Status. The color of the button will provide more information about the where the section is in the process of being approved.

Any user with edit permissions is allowed to request approval of a section of the EOP. Approval should not be requested until the entire section has been completed.

To request approval of a section:

  1. Navigate to the section you would like to have approved in the EOP.

  2. Click on the Approval Status button:



  3. In the pop-up, click Request Approval

Once an approval has been requested, it must be approved or rejected by a Safety Coordinator and any other employee with Approval Access. They will receive an email showing the approval request. Once the selected persons have approved or rejected the sections, the colors of the Approval Status button will update to its new status (Approved or Rejected). General users do not have the ability to approve or reject sections of the EOP. If a section has been rejected, the section will need to be revised and submitted for approval again.

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