One of the most powerful components of nSide is the ability to add an infinite amount of descriptions and attachments to features in the map. For visualization purposes, many members prefer to have certain features labeled. Utilizing nSide to its fullest potential includes adding textual descriptions, photos, videos, documents, etc. Each of these attachments become instantly searchable and textual descriptions can become labels to visualize on the map.

Add an attachment:

  1. Select a feature where an attachment needs to be added.

  2. While selected, click the Edit button in the top left corner (pencil icon).

  3. Click the Add button to insert a description to the feature.

  4. In the first empty line, add descriptive text about the icon.

  5. Next to the second empty box, click the three-dot icon.

  6. Click the Upload button (paper with an arrow icon).

  7. Navigate to document/picture in the folder browser and click OK.

  8. Click Save and the document/icon will be attached to feature.

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