The maps menu contains multiple sections that relate to views and overlays of the map. Everything from changing floors to changing base maps can be done here. Weather and traffic are also options that can be viewed for the member's convenience or interest.

On the left side of the Maps page, there is a legend that contains all layers that appear on the maps. In this legend, users have the ability to:

  • toggle layers on and off

  • change floors of their school

  • change the background of the map

  • edit the information on the map.

To access the different maps:

1. Click on the Maps drop-down .

2. The top section is Maps. The drop-down will show the available floors in the building.

3. Select the floor or level under the top section.

Base Map

Base Maps make up the next section in the maps menu. Map will be the default view, which is the vector-based Google base map with feature labels. Other options that are available are Satellite, which is aerial imagery, Hybrid, which is aerial imagery with feature labels, Terrain, which is contoured data with labels, or Building, which only shows nSide data alone. Each has their own use-case and it is totally up to the member which one is preferred.


Overlays is found below Base Maps and have two weather-related items. Weather Radar is a live view of any precipitation that could be around the current location. Weather Alerts are all warning or watch polygons that are put out by the National Weather Service.


The last section is Areas. When All Areas is clicked, an nSide icon will pop up with all the buildings where the member has access. The icons can be clicked to jump from one building to another.

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