Select Tool

There are two variations of the Select tool one being selecting by clicking on features and the other being freehand selecting. To access the select by freehand, click the drop-down arrow beside the select button and click the Select Features by Freehand. This works well when a member needs to select multiple rooms, where those features can be styled at one time.

Ruler Tool

Many times, members need to measure distances between two points, which can be done with the Ruler tool. Once the Ruler button is clicked, the cursor will turn to a crosshair. To conduct the measurement, click the map once at the starting point, then click the map a second time at the end. The result will show measurements in 3 different units: feet, yards, and miles. To turn off the Ruler tool, click on the Select button.

Elevation Tool

The Elevation tool uses a line drawn by the member to visualize elevation as a cross section along that line. To use the tool, click on the Elev button in the Quick Tools menu. Once selected, the cursor will turn to a crosshair. Click the map where the elevation measurement should begin, then double click where it will end. An elevation cross section view will populate along the bottom of the map visualizing the change in elevation. To close out the Elevation tool, click the Select button.

Zoom Tool

Using the Zoom tool is an alternative way to zoom on the map without using the scroll wheel or the zoom adjustments on the map. To start using the Zoom tool, click on the Zoom button in the Quick Tool menu. The cursor will then turn to a crosshair. Select and drag, drawing a square, around the area to be zoomed towards. The map will then zoom to the bounds of the square previously. To exit the Zoom tool, click the Select button.

Geo Tool

The Geo tool will zoom to thee physical location based on the member’s IP address. Once the Geo tool button is clicked, there will be a prompt for allowing location to be known. If permission is given, the map will zoom to the IP address location.

Full Extent Tool

The Full Extent button will zoom to the full extent of the building in the map if clicked. This is especially useful if the member has gotten lost on the map and needs to return to the proper location.

Print Tool

The Print tool is available for members to print from the map view. To print a map, zoom to the extent that contains all of the features needed to print and click on the Print button. The next screen will bring up the print configuration page, where orientation and sizes can be selected. Once those properties have been decided, click Print. On the next screen, choose whether to send to a printer or output as a PDF.

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