The nSide team takes great pride in helping members be as successful as possible, both within the software and at their jobs. Therefore, communicating with the nSide team can be done easily and through several avenues. The team will take on anything, from issues with the system, missing data, or advice on conducting drills and table top exercises to name a few. The nSide team is quick with responses too, averaging only a few minutes for a response. Remember, you are not alone, and nSide is always around to help its members.

The Live Chat function is monitored all hours of the day and is perhaps the easiest way to get in touch with an nSide team member. While in the site, simply click the chat bubble icon on the dark toolbar on the right side of the page and the chat window will show. Once the message is sent, the receipt of the message will be visible and the Team member will respond if more information is needed or a solution has been found.

Sometimes the nSide platform doesn’t behave as it should or someone made a mistake. Let us know! nSide Engineers will fix the issue so members can get their work done and continue with their day. To report a bug, click on the exclamation point icon on the dark toolbar on the right. In the chat box, describe the issue that is present, and an nSide Engineer will respond. Check out our article on how to properly report a bug!

Live Chat:

Reporting a Bug:

See this article on properly submitting a bug!

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