The Add a Training Report subsection is used to document training. Training should be documented, and a sign-in sheet should be uploaded for each training.

  1. Select Add a Training Report on the main EOP page.

  2. To add a training, click the green Add button at the top of the page.

  3. On the pop-up page, select the training from the drop-down next to Training.

  4. Complete the additional information (Details, Date, Time and Duration.

  5. Upload any documents by selecting the Choose File button .

  6. The system will automatically add a digital signature with the account you are logged in under.

  7. When completed, click the blue Add button at the bottom.

Required Annual Training:

    • Recommended Completion: October 1st

    • ALSDE POLICY: Model Sex Offender Supervision Policy

    • AL State Law: Annalyn's Law

    • Recommended Date of Completion: October 1st

    • ALSDE Policy: Jason Flatt Act Model Policy

The drills and training reports are categorized by school year. To access previous years’ training, select the gray View Reports button on the EOP page.

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