nSide|Views are 360 degree images collected throughout a building, facility, or site. Once many of these are collected, they can be linked together and produce a virtual walk-through. The location of a nSide|View is represented by the small nSide logo on the map with a timestamp of the date of collection. A large inventory of nSide|Views can provide documentation of rooms, where first responders can see hallways, exits, entrances, or whether doors open in or out of each room. nSide|Views also provide the ability to plan tabletop exercises, full-scale exercises, disaster response or disaster recovery efforts, and other scenarios.

  1. Find a nSide|View on the map and click.

  2. Once selected, click on the image located on the left-hand side of the screen.

  3. After the image is selected, it will show in fullscreen.

  4. From there, navigate to other nSide|Views using the white directional arrows.

  5. To exit the nSide|View, click the back button located next to the inset map.

nSide|Views are great for providing situational awareness and can be collected at a high density to assist with mapping. Often, many schools only use nSide|View for circulation areas, such as hallways, but there have also been use cases for all nSide|Views in all classrooms for space planning and emergency planning. If you wish to collect your own nSide|Views, contact us for recommendations on equipment and methodology.

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