The Organization Manager provides administrative members and technical contacts the ability to give, read, edit and/or administer permissions to the data for other members within the organization.


Once you log in to the platform, a link to the Organization Manager is listed under your profile menu on the righthand side of the screen.


In order for a member to manage individual organization(s), a letter on an official letterhead from the school or organization must be submitted to nSide, identifying the technical contact and the organization levels involved. Please see the Technical Point of Contact (TPOC) article to learn how to complete this request.


Under the tab Manage Invitations, an admin user or TPOC can control who is approved or denied for an account for that organization. You can also click the top right green button to invite a list of users.

Once you click on this button, a box will appear:

An admin user can then type in the emails of users they want to invite or copy and paste a list of user emails from a spreadsheet to send an invitation for someone to register for an nSide account via email.


When a new user goes to register for an nSide account, they will go through a Request process. When they click Register from the login screen, they will be taken to a Request form:

Filling out and submitting this form will send the request to their school or organization’s admin or TPOC to approve or deny.

Two important things to note:

  1. Filling out this form does NOT mean they are automatically registered. Their TPOC must approve their registration.

  2. Users are required to enter information for their organization name. This should be their school, not their district. It will look like this once they’ve selected their state and started typing in their school:


Once a user has submitted their request for an account, their TPOC will receive an email and see the requesting user’s name populate in their Manage Invitations tab. There, the admin can then click on Respond which makes the following box pop up:

The last step is for the TPOC to click Approve or Deny. Once approved or denied, the user will receive an email notification. If approved, they will be prompted to complete their registration.

PLEASE NOTE: There are two different processes for registering users:

  • If you request an account, you do not need to be invited. You simply need to be approved.

  • Being approved (user-generated) and invited (Admin/TPOC generated) both result in the same invitation email sending the current Registration form.


You can click on Manage Users to adjust permissions for each user. This function is only available to admin users.

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