Creating a relationship with outside agencies (especially emergency service agencies), making them aware of emergency procedures, and granting them access to the nSide platform is vital to keeping schools safe.

Memorandum of Understanding

In order to grant outside access to the nSide platform, the district or the school should execute a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)with the entity they wish to grant access. In short, this document is a basic, standard agreement on how the system will be used for outside entities and that access is being granted. It can include as many members or organizations as needed; those members would just need to register for a nSide account. Once they have registered, permissions to the buildings can be granted by the TPOC designated by your school or district.

Steps to Take

  • Download the MOU template .

  • Print out the document.

  • Set up meetings with the external entity directors.

  • Fill out the section for their agency with signature and date.

  • After all agencies have signed off get the director of schools to sign off and date the school section.

  • Send the completed document to [email protected].

  • Once received we will let you know when we place it in the system.

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