Linking nSide|Views is the core function of creating the virtual walk-through in nSide. After a member has uploaded all 360 photos in their proper location, the static images can begin to be pieced together. Once the linking is complete, there should be a seamless navigation between subsequent images, generating a walk-through of an entire area.

To link nSide|Views together:

  1. On the map in the Layers panel, turn off all layers other than Rooms and nSide|View.

  2. Find and click on an nSide|View icon to start the linking process.

  3. Locate and click on the image in the sidebar on the left.

  4. The image will open full screen, find and click on the blue button that says Edit nSide|View in the left sidebar.

  5. Click on the blue button labeled Add Link.

  6. A white arrow will appear on the screen. Click and drag the mouse to move the arrow to face the direction of your next nSide|View location.

  7. Select the nSide|View image that corresponds to the direction the arrow is facing from the left sidebar. The pictures in the left sidebar are in order by proximity. This means that the closest nSide|View will show up at the top of the list.

  8. Click Save to move to the next step.

  9. Once moved from the original nSide|View, turn around by clicking and dragging the white arrow to the previous position and click the Save button.

  10. Repeat steps until all nSide|Views are linked.

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