The first step of the nSide|Assess process is Evaluations. To get started, log into your nSide account, and click on Assess in the top right banner:

Once you are in Assess, you will see your main dashboard. You will need to click on the orange plus sign icon on the far right side of the screen to begin a new case:

The new case will automatically open to the Behavioral Threat Assessment Screen. Read the instructions, and then click next.

Continue through the form, reading instructions and filling out information relevant to the case. Be as detailed as possible to help out the threat assessment team in its decision-making.


This section is extremely important, as it requires a lot of detail. Be sure to explain the situation thoroughly. For Location of the Incident, you will need to open up a new tab and go to your nSide Map.

Click on the location where the incident took place. Highlight the URL; Right click and then copy the URL.

Return to the Evaluations screen and paste the URL into the Incident Location URL box.


For the Additional Information section, do not skip questions you are unsure about or do not know the answer to; Simply choose Need More Information.


Once you have filled out all required information, you will see a screen that summarizes the information you provided. Verify that everything is correct; Then click Submit.


Every form in the Assess process must be reviewed by another Threat Assessment team member. To request review, you will click on the red checkmark icon on the Evaluations dashboard.

Select a user from the dropdown menu to review your form. Then click Yes.

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