nSide|Lockdown™ is a mobile app that gives your school faculty the ability to manage emergencies with the push of a button.


Users will have the ability to initiate a lockdown sequence for their campus and send notification to local emergency management agencies simply by tapping a few buttons.


All users for your district need to be invited by the TPOC to register with nSide. To do this, the TPOC will need to log in and go to the Organization Manager.

The TPOC/Admin will need to send an invitation to new users to create an account using the Manage Invitations tab:

Under the Manage Invitations tab, an admin user can control who is approved or denied for an account for that organization. You can also click the top right green button to invite a list of users.

Manage Lockdown User Group

Within the Organization Manager, click on the tab that says Manage User Groups:

The TPOC will need to add users to the LockdownNotify Group in order for users to be able to use the app and receive notifications from the app.

To add users to the lockdown group, use the drop-down menu to select users.

In the drop down menu, you can add users and/or contacts.

Users who don’t have the word CONTACT in front of them should be added in order to USE the Lockdown App (i.e. initiate a lockdown at a campus).

If you add someone from the dropdown that has the word CONTACT in front of their name and information, they will only be able to receive notifications, not use the app.

If the user is not listed in the dropdown, there are three possible reasons:

  1. This user does not have an nSide account

  2. This user has not accepted the request for invitation they received (Check the Manage Invitations tab)

  3. This user has not been approved for their building in the Manage Users tab

Downloading the Lockdown App

  1. All users need to download the nSide Lockdown App (See below).

  2. Log into the app with the credentials created when users registered for an account

  3. Use the app to send Alerts, Admin Messages, etc.


Once you have registered, you will need to Download the App to your device using the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android).

Apple IOS:

Google Play Store:

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