nSide|Fleet is a cloud-based vehicle tracking and monitoring system for fleet management. Using state-of-the-art software, administrators can track their fleet online, perform live tracking, set geo-fences, monitor the speed of their vehicles, and much more.

nSide|Fleet allows administrators to view online or printed reports for routes, geo-fencing, and other resources that save money and time. Some key features of nSide|Fleet are:

  • Web-based access: Track your entire fleet in real time

  • Automatic vehicle location that allows you to track any vehicle at any time

  • Instant updates

  • User-friendly dashboard in the nSide platform with system summary

  • Developed by nSide, Inc. (No third-party software)

  • Event notifications that can be sent to users via email or text message

  • Easy-to-use search and report tools

  • Print, save, and share options

We also have a light version app that allows the users to view the Live Tracking of their fleet on a mobile device.

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