There will inevitably be times when your school buildings will undergo maintenance, new construction, or have new utilities added. In each of these situations, there are steps you can follow to make sure your nSide map stays up-to-date. There are three main scenarios to consider:

1- Building Maintenance

Whenever there is significant maintenance completed in a building on your campus, there may be information that needs to be updated in your nSide map. An example of this would be HVAC maintenance. Your HVAC units should be labeled on your map. When you click on the HVAC icon, you should see a menu pop up to the left side of your screen which displays the corresponding information for that unit.

Find the detail that you need to change first. For example, you might want to start with the Date Serviced.

In this category, simply click on the date in blue. Then you will see the option to change the date. Type in the relevant date, and then click on the blue checkmark.

New Unit

If you have a new unit installed or if you want to add make and model information about a current unit, you'll need to follow a couple of extra steps.

2- New Construction

Another building change to consider is new construction. Schools often get new additions, whether it is a new classroom building, a new sports facility, or even a new parking lot. Whenever there is new construction of any kind on campus, this will require an updated set of floor plans. In order to add new construction to the nSide map, you will need to send nSide a copy of the new floor plans at [email protected].

3- New Utilities or Emergency Equipment

Whenever a new utility, camera, or piece of emergency equipment is added to your campus, there is a simple process to add it to your map.

Once you click on the appropriate point (in this case, we will use AED), a crosshair (+) will appear on your map screen:

Move the crosshair (+) across the screen until you find the location where the new AED will be located.

**For more information about adding/editing points on the map, please read our articles Drawing Tools and Editing Features.

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